Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

KashMate is a people-powered store. That means that most of the store’s inventory comes from our users from all across India and we come in and make for the rest of the sourcing. We help users connect and buy from each other using our proprietory currency – KashMate Trade Rupees (“Trade Rupees”). Users may sell for 100% Trade Rupees or part cash part Trade Rupees. Users can also earn Trade Rupees by simply signing up, referring and our various ongoing promotions. What we really encourage is that users sell what they have in excess or unused at home or their business and earn more Trade Rupees, which can in turn help them buy whatever they need across the site. Money saved = Money earned. Beyond this core economic benefit, our goal is to reduce the consumption of new goods. Simply by changing the way we shop, we save precious resources and stop the cycle of waste.
KashMate Trade Rupees are the site’s proprietory currency, the medium of exchange. 1Rs = 1 KashMate Trade Rupees. Users can buy goods & services from other users or the KashMate store using the Trade Rupees in their account. The Trade Rupees are not transferable or usable outside of the KashMate website. Users earn free Trade Rupees on sign up, referring other users and our various promotions
KashMate strictly guides all users to list items and transact at realistic market prices for used goods and normal/regular market rates for new goods & services. While the transaction are between users, we urge all users to discourage sellers selling at higher rates and also report such listing to us.
Its simple! You can buy anything listed on the site i.e items from other users on the site or those sold by the " KashMate Store" (that sells new goods & vouchers from exciting places). Once you place the order, your Trade Rupees & money (if applicable in case of a part money - part Trade Rupees offer) are transferred to the “KashMate safety account”, they are credited to the seller only once you receive the items ordered. Depending upon the listing, you would either receive a courier from the seller or you may pick the item locally in case you and the seller agree. Purchases from the KashMate store are delivered nationally.
Simply post details of your item or service (a good pic really helps!) along with pricing and specs and you are good to go. Once you receive an order, please remember your Trade Rupees and money (if applicable) are 100% safe as the buyer has already paid and is thus a serious buyer. KashMate allows you 3 days to confirm the order and another 5-7 days to deliver the same. In case of orders not confirmed within 3 days the trade rupees and money (if applicable) are transferred back to the buyer. As a seller you receive your trade rupees & money (if applicable) once the buyer confirms delivery.
When buying from users please check the listing details whether the seller can courier the items or would want a local pick up. KashMate Store orders are couriered across India. In case of deliveries from other users, you may coordinate a local pick up from the seller, but before you can take physically delivery of the same you would need to place the order online and go to you’re “account” and confirm that you have accepted/taken delivery, so that we may instantly credit the seller.

My KashMate Account

You can go to your “ account” section and update all details such as profile, password, bank details, addressed etc.
In the “account” section you would get all details on your Trade Rupees statement and buying & selling transactions.
Once you have sold your items or service and the buyer has confirmed receipt of the same, the Trade Rupees) are made available in your account instantly & money ( if applicable) credit into your account typically takes 3-4 days and is directly transferred by our payment gateway HDFC Bank to your account.

KashMate Store

All items sold directly by KashMate are shown as "The KashMate Store" in the seller name. We simply source the very best of products and services/vouchers from exciting Food & Beverage outlets, entertainment centers, Beauty & Wellness stores etc and make all available to you in lieu of your KashMate Trade Rupees. All that KashMate Store sells is 100% new and original and verified, so you can be rest assured of getting the finest deals here. All purchases made on the KashMate store are instantly confirmed and delivers are usually made within 5-7 working days.
KashMate store purchases may be returned within 10 days of purchase. Needless to say the product and packaging should have not been used or tampered. Please also check details applicable for each item or contact with details or call +91-9015-398-398.
KashMate store offers most items on 100% KashMate trade rupees or for part Trade Rupees and part money/cash, which in most cases does not exceed 30-35%.
The KashmMate store instantly confirms your order and ships directly from our warehouse. Your Trade Rupees and money are instantly debited.

Trust & Security

We are 100% committed to the safety and privacy of your personal and other information. For more details please refer to our privacy policy.
Your trade rupees are 100% guaranteed by KashMate, we commit to offering your goods or service worth and equivalent amount as available with the site or the KashMate Store with a lifetime validity.
The best way to earn more Trade Rupees is to spread the word around! Refer our amazing service to as many friend and relatives as you can and earn 200 Trade Rupees per user. We also tie up with leading brands (online & offline) and help you earn more by engaging in promotions with these brands such as watching their videos, filling up surveys or other simple tasks.
Ofcourse! KashMate offers trade rupees at exciting discounts from time to time, helping you save big on your purchases! Trade Rupees purchased can be used across the site or at the KashMate Store.
Place order – credit /money are debited and kept safe in the KashMate safety account/reserve till the seller actually delivers to you. Seller confirms order – Sellers usually confirm within 3 days, in case a seller does not confirm you Trade Rupees/money are reversed & paid back to you. Seller dispatches and updates details – the same are reflected in your order details in your “account” section. Seller delivers, you receive and confirm delivery – Trade Rupees and money are transferred to the sellers account
You can easily transfer Trade Rupees to sellers as payment for your purchases or proposed purchases by: Buy and item and mark the item as “delivered” to you in your account section, which automatically approves a sellers claim for payment. Go to the Transfer Trade Rupees section and enter manually the Trade Rupees you wish to transfer. Please note such transfers can only be done to users who have an active listing for an item. Call customer support and request for transfer of Trade Rupees.
In case you bought Trade Rupees within a transaction (i.e order/cart) and the order was subsequently cancelled by the seller, you can have two options: You get 15% extra Trade Rupees or You can get your money back (i.e amounting to the money paid to buy the Trade Rupees), the same is credited within 3-4 days of such request by our payment gateway HDFC Bank directly into your account (from which the payment was made) Simply email along with details of your cancelled order and refund option chosen. In case of an order cancelled by you would be refunded the Trade Rupees bought and not cash or money paid.


COD or Cash on delivery is a convenient facility for our users to help them pay for the items or trade rupees purchased at the comfort of their home, when they receive the order placed
You can now pay through the COD facility for both the items cash part (where applicable), delivery charges, as well for any extra Trade Rupees that you may have purchased to buy the items. However please note that you cannot pay for "Trade Rupees Packages” through COD
Please note the following options that can be paid through COD Single item order (any number of qty) when paying for item cash part (i.e user has required Trade Rupees and is only paying for item cash part). COD is available for below options Single item order (any number of qty) when paying for item cash part or Trade Rupees purchase Multiple item orders when user has required Trade Rupees and is only paying for items cash part COD facility is not available for multiple items purchase, please purchase each item seperately through COD facility or pay online

Membership FAQs

Our free trial option is for 30 days. Post 30 days, you would need to opt for a premium membership plan annually. In case of individuals, they still enjoy free listings and zero fees even after 30 days.
The free membership option is only available for 30 days and has restricted listing & trading options. Best suited for individuals to list extra goods lying at home. If you are a business, we strongly recommend our premium membership to be able to list your regular & extra goods/services each month and buy using your trade rupees.
Economy is good for starters, however in case you are trading higher levels & have many items or services to list, you may want to consider upgrading to Pro membership, which offers lower fee charges and unlimited listings.
If you are an economy member and wish to upgrade to Pro, simply click on buying the Pro membership link. Only the differential amount shall be payable. For more details please write to us at

Transaction Fees FAQs

Transaction fees are nominal fees paid by users on each sale executed. The fees are payable in INR (Cash/ Cheque) and is calculated as 7.5% on the value of order sold/executed. Individual users selling used or second hand goods are exempted from any fees payment.
Presently KashMate charges 7.5% for Economy members and 6.5% for Pro members.
Fees are payable within 07 days of sales executed and are shown in detail in your “My Account” section.
You can visit your “My Account” section and pay by clicking the “Pay Fees” link under Alerts.
KashMate reserves the right to block your Trade Rupees or suspend your membership in case of non payment of fees.
KashMate as a policy blocks users Trade Rupees equivalent to 3-3.5 times of the fees payable. The blocked Trade Rupees are automatically released upon payment of the fees.