KashMate Premium

No obligations. Maximise your Earnings!


30 Days Trial

Ideal for individuals who wish to sell off extra stuff at home or businesses wanting to try out KashMate. - 100% FREE!

  • Upto 5 Listings/month
  • 500 Trade Rupees Free!
  • No transaction fees!


Rs 3499 only

Best suited for SME's & Home Based Businesses.

  • Upto 10 Listings; 3 Premium listings
  • Dedicated customer support
  • 2000 Trade Rupees Free!
  • 7.5% transaction fee (only paid when you sell & earn Trade Rupees)


Rs 5499 only

Best suited for SME's & Larger Businesses.

  • Unlimited Listings; 6 Premium listings
  • Dedicated customer support
  • 4000 Trade Rupees Free!
  • 6.5% transaction fee (only paid when you sell & earn Trade Rupees)
  • Eligible for KashMate outright buying of your items

Premium Membership FAQ's

Our free trial option is for 30 days. Post 30 days, you would need to opt for a premium membership plan annually. In case of individuals, they still enjoy free listings and zero fees even after 30 days.

The free membership option is only available for 30 days and has restricted listing & trading options. Best suited for individuals to list extra goods lying at home. If you are a business, we strongly recommend our premium membership to be able to list your regular & extra goods/services each month and buy using your Trade Rupees.

Premium is good for starters, however in case you are trading higher levels& have many items or services to list, you may want to consider upgrading to Pro membership, which offers lower fee charges and unlimited listings.

If you are a Economy member and wish to upgrade to Pro, simply click on buying the Pro membership link. Only the differential amount shall be payable. For more details please write to us at care@kashmate.com

Transaction Fees FAQ’s

Transaction fees are nominal fees paid by users on each sale executed. The fees are payable in INR (Cash/ Cheque) and is calculated as 7.5% on the value of order sold/executed. Individual users selling used or second hand goods are exempted from any fees payment.

Presently KashMate charges 7.5% for Economy members and 6.5% for Pro members.

Fees are payable within 07 days of sales executed and are shown in detail in your “My Account” section.

You can visit your “My Account” section and pay by clicking the "Pay Commission Fee" link under Alerts.

Free vs Economy / Pro Membership

KashMate is for serious sellers & buyers. While we serve the home based & small/medium businesses best, we are equally effective for individuals wanting to exchange their extra or old products at home with stuff they really need. Businesses of any size love us as we are the only platform that helps them safely & confidently barter with others without needing to deal with agencies/third parties.

Needless to say Barter is the most effective tool to help all of us Save Cash on buying, Selling off our extra goods & services and most importantly getting New Customers!

Free Membership

Best Suited for:

1. Individuals who wish to sell their extra goods at home and exchange them for buying other things they really need. Individuals can sign up, list items they wish to sell off (they can sell for full Trade Rupees, our site’s currency or part cash & part Trade Rupees). Users get in touch with you, agree to your item, quality and pricing and buy from you. Once you successfully deliver/hand over the items you are instantly credited with the Trade Rupees/cash as applicable. You can then use the Trade Rupees to buy whatever is listed on the site.

online barter transaction

While this membership package has a 30 day free trial, in case of individuals and listing used goods, we simply renew if for free month after month! So go ahead and sign up for free and also enjoy spending your free 500 Trade Rupees!