Sales & Returns Policy

Sales policy

All Goods Sold on AS-IS WHERE IS basis. Seller makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations, of merchandise fitness or marketability. All Sales are Final. No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges.

KashMate works with a variety of different product conditions & will always stand by our listings and aim to advertise products properly and as accurately as possible. Many of our Listings are untested Customer Return Loads and as such the product conditions of the items inside the load can vary greatly.

In the liquidation industry, such AS-IS policies are common. In order to reduce costs and keep selling prices low, more often than not liquidated merchandise is bundled together and sold in bulk. Often, different product conditions will be mixed within the same load. KashMate will either re-process these bulk loads in to smaller wholesale lots or offer them for sale in their entirety to customers. Some lots might be fully manifested down to the size and color while others might be partially manifested, just summarized or completely unmanifested. When working with assorted bulk or smaller wholesale lots it can be very challenging to be specific about:

Returns Policy

Return policy: Please note all goods are sold As-Is – Where Is basis and all sales are final.

KashMate does not offer any guarantees on the merchandise we offer (unless expressly specified in the item listing) and there are no exchanges or returns possible.

Having said that, we are not perfect and unintentional mistakes can occasionally happen. If you ordered the case of clothing and we shipped you a case of toys or if you ordered 250 units of cosmetics and received 200 – we will make up for that. If you ordered New Overstock merchandise and received Customer Returns in error – you will be fully compensated. However, if you ordered a load with 3,973 units, and you received 3,965 – then we will probably inform you that occasionally discrepancies do exist in manifests and one should take that into account when working with such goods. If you ordered a “customer return” Kitchen items Pallet/lot and received some defective units, we will probably inform you that customer return pallets can and do include a percentage of defective units. If you ever have any issues or concerns with your orders, please do call or email us and we will always strive to resolve your issue quickly and fairly with the aim of making sure our customers are always satisfied in their experience dealing with us.